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Housing Affordability

Housing prices in Kamloops have increased over 20% in just 3 years.  The city needs to take steps to keep Kamloops affordable for everyone. For too long the City of Kamloops has been making it more expensive for new houses and affordable housing to be built.  Tipping fees, step code, and parking requirements  prevent affordable living in Kamloops. Kamloops needs more housing options and more single family lots to keep housing prices down.  In 2014, the City of Kamloops increased tipping fees over 300% at our city landfills adding $1000's of dollars to the cost of new housing and "affordable housing" units. 

A lot of citizens in Kamloops want to help with housing affordability. The number one way to allow our citizens to help with the affordability crisis is to make it easier to legalize basement suites. It is  currently estimated that over 90%  of suites in Kamloops are illegal, creating a liability for the City of Kamloops and sometimes putting renters into dangerous and unsafe housing. Legal suites will help new home owners to be able to afford housing, keep rental rates down, and help with densification.

Kamloops Must be affordable for everyone.



To keep our city thriving, growing and prosperous we need to have not just jobs but good paying jobs. Good paying jobs not only help contribute to our quality of life but help keep housing affordable. 


Kamloops puts up red tape for new employers and developers while other communities roll out the red carpet. We are one of the only cities in BC to not offer incentives for new developments. Prince George, Kelowna, Nanaimo, and Chilliwack do. 

Right now our current council is saying they want more jobs but they are doing nothing about it.  

Kamloops needs to be a leader in job creation.

Strategic Densification

I think most people agree that densification is key to our future but I believe that we need to provide new amenities for densified areas. A great example of this is the redevelopment of spirit square on Tranquille. New high density housing is being proposed while utilizing spirit square as public space. 

One of the next big densification projects for Kamloops will be in the 500 block of Nicola Street. The area will see an additional 2000 people living in that area. The City of Kamloops needs to provide new public space for these residents.

Kamloops needs to densify in key areas that allow for new public space.


I believe that the city should work towards sustainability and a reduction in green house gases but this needs to happen over time. We need to make steps that will not increase taxes, hurt our economy, or cost jobs. 

Illegal Dumping: the 300% increase in fees at our local landfills have created a massive problem with illegal dumping. The city has made it harder for people to dispose of waste properly and safely. The city has also closed a recycle station in Brock forcing people to drive further distances to recycle.

Air Shed: I believe that we should be working towards moving industry out of the valley bottom to the top of the airshed.

Reducing GHG: Due to our topography Kamloops will always need cars however we can make it easier for people to get out of cars. There are multiple ways to do this including an electric bike program, bus pass incentives, and better bus service.

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