A vote for Mike O'Reilly is a vote for Yes. Yes to a strong and diverse economy. Yes to good paying jobs. And yes to not just affordable housing but keeping Kamloops affordable for everyone

*It is time to invest in job creation in our city

*Kamloops has the highest unemployment rate of similar sized cities including Prince George, Kelowna and Nanaimo


* Stuart Wood  is not a proper solution to house the homeless


* We need short, medium and long range plans to help the homeless 


New City Park

* Densification is a great thing for our city

*The City needs to provide new amenities including parks and green space near densification 

Housing Affordability

* Housing is getting unaffordable for our citizens

*The city needs to open up new land for residential lots

* The city needs to reduce tipping fees for home builders to keep housing affordable

Performing Arts Centre 2.0

*Kamloops is ready for some form of a performing arts centre

*I will support a new version of a PAC that could potentially sell air space to developers for new affordable housing.

Kinder Morgan

*Kinder Morgan has been a great business to have in the city of Kamloops. I am fully supportive of the federally approved pipeline. 


Trucks out of Downtown

*Commercial Trucks are clogging the streets of downtown

*There is currently a road for commercial trucks that has been built to move trucks off of the Overlanders bridge and out of downtown. This road simply needs to be paved.



*Reduction in greenhouse gases is critical but must be done in a manner that will not increase taxes or cost jobs


*A recent 300% increase in fees at our city landfills has caused illegal dumping throughout the city and area. These fees need to be reviewed


* Kamloops is one of the only communities in BC not providing tax incentives for new developments

* To encourage development and job creation the City needs to roll out the red carpet and not put up red tape.


* A busy airport is a sign of a strong economy


 *I support the search for new direct flights to Edmonton, Victoria, Toronto and Sun Destinations. 


*We need to continue increasing the number of RCMP in Kamloops


* I believe in supporting......


*The city needs to work with affordable housing developers to get to a YES investment decision

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